Water bottle

Water bottle

The water bottle is perfect for people with healthy lifestyle. It includes diffuser that provide simple leaching of herbs, or pieces of fruit and bringing you a tasty drink. You will appreciate a practical lid for quickly opening and closing. Lets print the bottle with yur own motive, or you can choose one of ours and make an original that nobody else has. Drinking regime will be fun.

Water bottle with a diffuser for fruit or herbs. Diffuser can be used for cooling the water. Volume: 800 ml. Dimensions: 27.5 × 7.2 cm


Choose a design to your gift

Keep calm and do yoga
A simple heart
Ta nejlepší babička
Heart beat
The Little Prince
In love
DAB Jednorožec
Flower heart
Ta nejlepší ségra
Teddy with heart
Four-Leaf Clover
Heart mosaic
Apple Jobs
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