Metallic mug

Metallic mug

Come and remember the good old times, to which the old cans were inherently. They were an integral part of, for example, children's camps, as well as hiking trips or inventory of each cottage or cottage. We have this metal cup for you in a more modern but still nostalgic way. You can design your own photo, inscription, name, and whatever you are thinking about. And if you go with him for a domestic or foreign trip, or you just give him cocoa, tea, coffee, you will surely have a single original. An original gift you can also surprise your loved ones, friends and friends.

Nostalgic tin cup with a diameter of 80mm and a volume of 300ml, suitable for trips but also home for the unconventional concept of coffee, tea or cocoa. The enamel surface is almost unbreakable and comes with three differently colored edges.



Choose a design to your gift

A simple heart
Heart inlove
The Little Prince
Květinový rámeček
Heart beat
Květinový rámeček
World Map
Czech traditional ornament
Ta nejlepší babička
Original heart symbol
sailing boat
Let the story begin
Drink coffee and be happy
Hustej děda
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