Heart teddy bear

Heart teddy bear

A smart friend is always available to you when human friends are busy or deserted. He hugs well and listens patiently to the mystery. It is made of pleasant material, which is also washable. With a personal photo or a name printed on their shirt, they are the perfect gift for everyone you want to be in contact with even when it's really not.

A plush teddy bear with a T-shirt on which we will print you to your liking. It is washable and the sitting height of the teddy bear is 20cm. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age


Choose a design to your gift

I love
A simple heart
I love you
I love you
Heart inlove
Freddie Mercury
In love
I love you
Michael Jackson
Kurt Cobain
Love in hands
Flower heart
You and I
love heart
The Little Prince
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