Hardy teddy bear with hearts

Hardy teddy bear with hearts

Plushy friend is available to you whenever your human friends are busy, or traveling. It is well huggable and patiently listens to secrets. It is made of comfortable material that is also washable. With a personal photo or name printed on the shirt it is the perfect gift for everyone with whom you would like to be in contact even in cases when it is really not possible.

Hardy teddy bear sitting height ca. 170 mm Shirt: 100% polyester This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Choose a design to your gift

I love
Teddy and heart
Apple Jobs
Love call
A simple heart
Heart inlove
i love you bear
I love you
Love you forever
Ten nejlepší brácha
The Little Prince
I love you
In love
Ta nejlepší ségra
Teddy with heart
Rainbow heart
Flower heart
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