Gift Tin Heart

These storage tins with the love motifs aren't only an optimal packing for cookies and gingerbread but also an eye-catcher in every kitchen or bedroom. The tins are food safe and are therefore used at home or in the office to keep all sort of things like coffee beans, tea, cookies or completely individual. For Christmas it is also a smart packing idea. Zobrazit více..

Metal gift box in heart shape. The top lid completely repressible of any proposal. The box is intended for decoration, gift packaging, but also for the preservation of food - it is harmless. Dimensions 145x150mm.

Hodnocení od zákazníků:

Choose a design to your gift

A simple heart
The Little Prince
Ta nejlepší babička
I love you
Love you
Freddie Mercury
Darth Vader
I love
Ta nejlepší ségra
Teddy and heart
Heart inlove
I love you
Květinový rámeček
Květinový rámeček
Heart beat
In love
Apple Jobs
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