Earrings padlocks

Earrings padlocks

Because we know that women love little things and details, we were right there for them, metal pendant earrings with the unique custom printing. It's up to you whether to create playful and funny earrings for a remarkable opportunity, or vice versa earrings with luxurious design that will make you the envy of the general public. So if you are still looking for the right ears to the frills and want to be unique and original, have them do to us according to their wishes. You can insert any image or photograph and create the earrings that you will blend in perfectly.

Stainless earrings color platinum, inner diameter 20 mm. Delivered in a pair of gift bags. Quality printing Scratch-resistant nail. We do not recommend typing, would not be readable.

Colour patterns:

Choose a design to your gift

Květinový rámeček
The Little Prince
Freddie Mercury
Love tree
A simple heart
Apple Jobs
DAB Jednorožec
Mexican skull
I love czech beer
In love
Hugging Giraffes
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