Document Folder

Document Folder

This document folder will bring order into your documents and help you organize your notes during seminars and trainings. Thanks to its white front, which is printable, it can be used as an excellent advertising medium. Let it print with your company logo, or even something more personal. The choice is yours. Just paste text or picture using our designer and we will make the product exactly according to your design.

Material: 50% polyester, 40% cardboard, 10% real leather, the back side made of black textile polyester, connection made of the artificial leather. It contains an inner bag and a holder for a pen.


Choose a design to your gift

Ta nejlepší babička
I love you
Flower heart
Hustej děda
Ti, které mám nejraději
Profesionální babička
Hustá babička
Good girls go to heaven
Ti, které mám nejraději
Já to opravím
Stará vojna
Nerušit, odpočívám
Akční děda
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