Ceramic bowl

Kitchenware does not have to be boring. Originality is the basis for success today. Porcelain bowl with a personal printed photo, funny text or logo will make happy not only fans of breakfast cereals. It is also useable for soup or other dishes and is easy to clean. Make your friends happy with this original piece or make for them the whole set. The bowl is for its heavy weight usable as feed bowl for your pets. Zobrazit více..

Heavy ceramic bowl. Used as decoration, for fruits or like a bowl for pets, etc. Recommended hand washing. Height: 75 mm, diameter 180 mm, 1000 g volume: 1300 ml

Hodnocení od zákazníků:

Choose a design to your gift

A simple heart
Miluju Tě
Heart inlove
I love you
I love
Teddy and heart
Love you
Květinový rámeček
I love you
The Little Prince
S tebou mě baví svět
In love
Heart beat
Květinový rámeček
Tlukot mého srdce
I love you
365 dní lásky
Angel and devil
Ta nejlepší babička
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