A flit bag changing

A flit bag changing

An amazing magic bag on your back for your designs. Drawing your hand as a spell turns into your own motive to print you. You can add your own picture and inscription! We offer in several beautiful fashion colors.

a bag that is covered in one side with thousands of tactile sequins that can be turned by hand to either uncover the print or brightly shiny color that you can choose. The second side of the bag then forms a color-matched suede, very pleasant to the touch. Production is laborious and tailor-made, please understand higher prices.


Choose a design to your gift

I love
Rainbow heart
Always believe in yourself
A simple heart
DAB Jednorožec
Parkour - Zombie Apocalypse
The Little Prince
Michael Jackson
Květinový rámeček
Pohádkový jednorožec
Silueta auta
Music beat
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