3D stickers square - 5 pieces

3D stickers square - 5 pieces

Design for your business or for private purposes original 3D stickers with a palsy effect that differ in their luxurious look from classic stickers. You can embed the company logo, but also any other image, inscription or photo.

3D stickers with plastic effect, also often called logoprint. Not only do they look great, but thanks to the polyurethane resin embedded graphic design, they also have a long life and 3D effect. This resin is crystalline clear, resilient, abrasion resistant, UV-resistant and various chemicals, color-stable. Do not be afraid that your 3D stickers will fade.

Colour patterns:

Choose a design to your gift

Gym body
I was born intelligent
Květinový rámeček
A simple heart
I love
DAB Jednorožec
Speed limit
High quality
Květinový rámeček
Trabant car
Born to ride
Heart inlove
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