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Enjoy the real comfort of your home in these soft slippers, made from pleasant frothy material. They have anti-slip soles so you do not even have to worry about slippery floors. With original print, they will be a great gift for your loved ones, but visitors will surely not let them go, and it's also a great way for your guests to save on cold feet. It's up to you to insert a banner, logo, or other distinctive design.

Soft and soft terry toe slippers with anti-slip sole and closed toe for real warmth of your feet.

Love in hands

You are in bus and there is a person embodying the love of your dreams out on the street. What should you do? You can not get off the bus and screaming will not help, the only thing that can help is to expressed your feelings without words. A simple gesture when using the fingers you simply show what you feel, can sort out this situation for you. However, if you belong to shy ones, you should get this gesture rather printed on t-shirt. Then the only think you wil have to do is to get attention to your printing.There is never enough of love and therefore there will never be enough or motives for lovers and people who are not afraid to express what they feel.