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Mirror heart

Super practical mirror for all the ladies who are happy to look great and constantly checking the condition of their makeup. An indispensable complement to handbags We originally can print exactly according to your design. There are several options. You can either mirror decorate with some of our already prepared designs that can be found under inspiration, or put on your imagination and come up with your own design. On the mirror, you can insert a picture, photo or text, unique design, you will enjoy every day. Additionally, it will give you pretty damn original look, while checking the status of mascara or the occurrence of lipstick on your teeth!

The pocket-sized mirror, with the dimensions of 70 x70 mm (heart) fits into every woman’s handbag.

A simple heart

Love encourages creativity. Here is a theme of a simple heart and it's just your choice if you choose a minimalist style, or you will at least decide to write something into it. Open up with your feelings and express yourself with the gift printed with personal and original style.